Reunion: 2000

Place: Bowling Green, Kentucky
Dates: Friday, August 4 to Sunday, August 6
Host/Hostess: Bill Chinworth
Highlights: Family picnic, lectures, committees, genealogy, pictures, historical events

The Chenoweth National Family Reunion Committee was pleased to welcome the Chenoweth cousins to the bustling college town of Bowling Green, Kentucky, on the 4th, 5th, and 6th of August, 2000. Bowling Green was the heart of gracious living, Kentucky style.

Richard Harris had presented the papers from the decades of research done by he and his late wife Shirley to the Kentucky Museum, located on the campus of Western Kentucky University. As arguably the best place to begin searching for your Chenoweth roots, Bowling Green seemed the ideal location for our first national family reunion.

Richard Harris with Jean Terberg of California. Richard spent many hours greeting people, signing autographs, and helping familes begin their own research.

The reunion committee gathered the first time at Bowling Green on the first weekend of August in 1999. It was the first time the three of us met Jon Egge and his cheery nature and broad knowledge of living Chenoweths was an instant immense asset to our organizational effort. Bill had rented the Bazil Griffin County Park for the reunion picnic the previous year and the main reason to meet in Bowling Green was to check out the weather in August. We went to the park. Temperature was 102 degrees. In ten minutes we knew we couldn't take a chance on subjecting ourselves and the cousins to such heat the following year. We came back to the Ramada Inn and proceeded to plan for a motel area family gathering.

It all came together in August of 1999 at Ramada Inn in Bowling Green. Standing: Jon and Mike, Seated: Bill and Joyce.

Joyce and Bill met at the Fort Wayne library in late 1998 and wrote out a menu for a typical family picnic. We presented that to the Bowling Green caterers and they all came back with alternatives and suggested their house specialties. The Ramada Inn accepted our menu and carried it out fully. So, one of the basic meeting areas of cousins at this reunion dealt with that favorite of meeting spots, the family kitchen. Most of our gatherings involved eating.

The remains of a breakfast layout.
A very social breakfast gathering.
The first national family reunion cake was gone not long after it posed for this picture.
It was all we could do to eat, talk, and listen all at the same time during the family picnic.

We talked about and had people present lectures concerning incorporating the family name into an organization so that future work on behalf of the family history and education would qualify as volunteer effort and would allow for eventual building of a family data center in the form of the necessary equipment to gather, store, and use all those pieces of paper that prove who we were and are. An awesome collection goal and task.

Cora Spiller came and presented her grand wit and her knowledge of the Daughters of the American Revolution to us and also pitched information about the National Society Magna Carta Dames and Barons. She was ably assisted by her daughter.

Mike Chenoweth presented maps and details of migration trails which impact on every family's history when they want to know why something happened in the course of human events. Jon Egge expanded on this in his lecture later on in the weekend.

Joyce made one of the parameters of the reunion a family photograph with all persons in the picture identified. The committee advertised for a Bowling Green photographer to take such a picture. John Carmon's resonant bass voice was on the other end of the telephone line not long after the adds were mailed out. "Why, hell. That's easy. We just tell 'em to lean to the left and count off." We'd just found our man.

Mr. Carmon got the job and we've got the picture to prove it. Great shot! One-hundred-seventy-seven of us! You'll note the youngest person in the picture is Caleb Patrick Chenoweth perched in his father's arms down in front. God bless Caleb and Victoria, Lauryn, James, Stephanie, Samantha, Ian, Nichelle, and all the other young cousins who were present with their parents.

Bowling Green, Kentucky
August 4-6, 2000

  1. Jennifer Lane Smith
  2. Patti Hawkins
  3. Leah Hawkins
  4. Darroll Hawkins
  5. James E. Tharpe
  6. Myra Davis Crusie
  7. Laura Bartlett
  8. Greg Wulker
  9. Deanna Egge
  10. Jon D. Egge
  11. Dale Andrew Newby
  12. Stephanie Lynn Newby
  13. Kristine S. Newby
  14. Samantha Sue Newby
  15. Rebecca Alice Porter
  16. Janet Anne Chenoweth
  17. Emma D. Chenoweth
  18. George H. Chenoweth
  19. Randolph S. Allan
  20. Carol Sue Tharpe
  21. Rondell Lee Chenoweth
  22. Jonathan Edwards Paul
  23. Donna Ruth Allan
  24. Casey Cay Chenoweth
  25. Denise Kay Foster Chenoweth
  26. Robert James Chenoweth
  27. Colton Rondell Chenoweth
  28. Lester Lee Chenoweth
  29. Robert Preston Chenoweth
  30. Mary Boyd Seger
  31. Betty Anne Legan Smith
  32. Darlene Dolbey
  33. Virginia Duling
  34. Carolyn L. Newby
  35. Harold D. Newby
  36. Rebekah Lynne Lawrence
  37. Susan Connard Chenoweth
  38. Marscha Jean Chenoweth
  39. Geoffrey Brandon Chenoweth
  40. George Robert Chenoweth
  41. Kerwyn Chenoweth "K.C." Wilson
  42. Sandra Chenoweth House
  43. Kyleen Wilson
  44. Kellyn J. Wilson Lawrence
  1. Mary Lou Klatt
  2. Ruth Chaddick Trim
  3. Jennifer Beth Poe
  4. Hazel Embler
  5. Nancy Fitzsimmonds
  6. A. Webb Chenoweth
  7. Anna M. Fulton
  8. Dale L. Fulton
  9. "Peg" Jessie Fulton
  10. Julie M. Fulton
  11. Wanda Chenoweth
  12. David Eugene Chenoweth
  13. Nicholas R. Fulton
  14. Bruce A. Fulton
  15. Manford Groves
  16. Richard Hanson
  17. Connie Chenoweth
  18. Joyce E. Poe
  19. Erin Nichelle Neuhams
  20. Nell D. Shannon
  21. Colleen Marie Joy Dykstra
  22. Catherine Shannon Dykstra
  23. Kathryn Chinworth Bouse
  24. Clara Chinowth
  25. Mary Lou Wheatley
  26. Burchard Wheatley
  27. Robert C. Hanson
  28. Jeff D. Hanson
  29. Robert E. Chinowth
  30. Edmund P. Willis
  31. Margaret Esther Garman
  32. Robert Alan Meadows
  33. William Dykstra
  34. Natalie Catherine Dykstra
  35. Margaret Meadows Hitt
  36. Barbara Lee Chinworth
  37. Mary L. Chenoweth
  38. Albert J. Chenoweth, Jr.
  39. Brett Chinworth-Percy
  40. Jean M. Terberg
  41. Joann Eileen Thompson Charles
  42. Richard Lloyd Charles
  43. Alice Birckhead
  44. Beverly Brehm Buchanan
  1. John L. Terberg
  2. Joseph P. Shannon
  3. John Marion Chinworth-Percy
  4. Elizabeth Louese Chinworth
  5. Charlene "Cookie" Chinworth
  6. Marlowe R. Davis
  7. William Charles Chinworth
  8. Susan Ann Chinowth
  9. Jane B. Ryan
  10. Markham Sterling Chenoweth
  11. Laura Elizabeth Scully
  12. John Richard Chenoweth
  13. Michael J. Ryan
  14. Chelta "Shelly" Chenoweth
  15. Elizabeth Chenoweth
  16. Alfred Van Winkle
  17. Robert Chenoweth
  18. Emily Masry
  19. Keith Robert Chenoweth
  20. Kelli Chenoweth
  21. Robert A. Snowden
  22. Kathryn Cox-Masry Chenoweth
  23. George Samuel Chenoweth
  24. Nancy Chenoweth Bain
  25. Marie Chenoweth Kerr Hohmann
  26. Ian Harrison Chinworth
  27. Nichelle Rae Chinworth
  28. Jane Atkinson
  29. Edward Frederick Chenoweth, Sr.
  30. Pat Chenoweth
  31. Joyce Wiegand
  32. Robert D. Martin
  33. Laureen "Lolly" Hayes
  34. Jan Hayes Snowden
  35. Richard D. Wiegand
  36. Tina M. Huey
  37. Victoria M. Huey
  38. Lauryn Kamriel McCain
  39. Toby M. Huey
  40. Troy Darrell Mundy
  41. Michael Allen Chenoweth
  42. Kay Lynn Chenoweth
  43. Charles Hayes
  44. Denise Chenoweth
  1. Cathy Lou Chenoweth Mundy
  2. Terrill Grant Hayes
  3. Esther Peterson
  4. Patricia Chenoweth Martin
  5. Betty Hayes
  6. James Albert Chenoweth II
  7. James Fisher Chenoweth
  8. Priscilla Jean Chenoweth Powell
  9. Edith Pearl Chenoweth
  10. Grace Van Winkle
  11. Maxine Chenoweth Eagon
  12. John Walter Mead
  13. Grant A. Hayes
  14. Jeremy Samuel Joseph
  15. Virginia Mead Savage
  16. Jo Yeager
  17. Leslee Miller Austin
  18. Stacie Renee Huey
  19. J. Bruce Miller
  20. Marlena Kay Richards
  21. Betty Chenoweth
  22. Christine Savage Linnemeier
  23. Piper Penning Joseph
  24. Patrick L. Chenoweth
  25. Theresa E. Chenoweth
  26. Jean Anderson Voege
  27. Ethel Lucille Harrison Richards
  28. Dale Miller Payne
  29. Henry L. Kimball
  30. Barbara Jean Tuohino
  31. Barbara Anne Hansen Winsor
  32. Robert E. Bates
  33. Ryan Patrick Chenoweth
  34. Valisha Van Blair
  35. Sue Ann Bates Pea
  36. Barbara Chenoweth Pendergrass
  37. Kathleen Chenoweth Huber
  38. Norma Davis
  39. Jim Chenoweth
  40. Richard Chenoweth
  41. Donald J. Smith
  42. Leonita Smith
  43. William Clement Chinworth
  44. Judith Richards
  45. Caleb Patrick Chenoweth

Naturally, we will long remember Randy and Donna Allan of Beverly, West Virginia, as they spent four days on the balcony of the living room at the motel talking about the history of the Chenoweth family in their area. They covered the balcony area with displays, a working model, and history of the Lemuel Chenoweth legacy in Randolph County, Virginia/West Virginia. Donna and Randy would go on to become the hosts for the 2002 National Family Reunion in Elkins.

Jon Egge said, "Give me a spot on the program and stand back." He was exactly right. For three hours Jon enthralled all who would listen on all the historical data he had gathered through years of building the Chenoweth Family Genealogical web sites he sponsors. Anyone who didn't enjoy Jon's presentation simply needs time on a battery charger or something. He undertook to explain all the stories promulgated by Cora Chenoweth Hiatt's book, History of the Chenoweth Family, and how they were wrong, what was wrong or right about each one and how Richard Harris did or did not fix historical errors in the new Chenoweth Family in America book.

This was the second half of four hours of Jon Egge's story time. Marvelous would be an understatement.
More listeners claimed seats on the stairs.

The stars of the family reunion weekend were Jean and Richard Harris. They returned to Bowling Green and signed newly purchased copies of Richard's family history book and talked individually with every cousin who wanted to meet with Richard. The family presented the Harris' with a commemorative serving platter.

Undoubtedly, a lot of family address lists grew as a result of participating in this lovely event.

Cousins who never knew each other met for the first time.

Historically, during the last year or two, we've learned that 2002 or 2003 is the likely third centenary anniversary of John Chenoweth meeting and marrying his sweetie, Mary Calvert, in Pennsylvania or New Jersey and that perhaps his father's name was William instead of John which may eventually connect us back to Cornwall, England, and half of our roots. We know that four of Mary's siblings were born in Ireland, while she and three other siblings were born in Pennsylvania.

Joyce Wiegand decorated the motel living room with dolls representing the eight children of John and Mary Chenoweth. They were color coded to match the reunion tee shirts showing the eight lines of Chenoweth descendents:

John - blue
Mary - white
Richard - red
Hanna - turquoise
Arthur - orange
Thomas - green
William - gold
Ruth - purple