Reunion: 2004

2004 Family Portrait

Ninety plus cousins made it to Portland to take part in the hospitality of the Pacific Northwest, greeted by our Oregon hosts, Delores and Al Chenoweth. They created the complete program, designed the reunion t-shirts, and answered all area questions.

Delores and Al Chenoweth
The cousins gathered at the Greenwood Inn in Beaverton, Oregon, a lovely setting with complete services for our gathering.

There were two featured lectures and a music performance. A keynote lecture was presented by our favorite Chenoweth genealogy sage and website editor, Jon Egge.

Jon Egge at the lectern.

The other lecture was presented by Diahan Southard from Relative Genetics. She gave a very animated, creative explanation of DNA use in genealogy. There were several revelations on DNA use in genealogy that were quite informative.

Pictures of Diahan went missing, so we'll just have to make do with this lovely portrait.

Our musical performance was from Daniel Fred Chenoweth from Hermosillo, Sonora, played and sang favorite ballads from his area of Mexico.

Daniel gave a very spirited and tuneful performance.
While Daniel sang and played dance rhythms, Ashlyn Duy, the youngest Chenoweth present, demonstrated fast footwork and always a wry, good humor.

Ashlyn's grandmother, Edith Chenoweth, modeled something new to the family. She informed us that there is a tartan pattern for Cornwall Shire which she fashioned into an official frock style for that area. There's information about this cloth at the Chenoweth Family Store

Edith modeling the Chenoweth tartan.
In early 2005, Daniel married Marisela.
There were lots of opportunities to enjoy meals and conversations. Following are several photos and I'll try to name everyone.
From Delaware comes the three Fike cousins, Megan, Emily and Tim. Remember them from Bowling Green? Rather grown up now!
Here are some of the Thomas line. Around the table are Teresa, Jo, Melody, Denise, Alice and Greg.
Here's Dolores, Al, Johnny, Laura and Marie enjoying the buffet supper.
Facing the camera are Greg, Al, and Alice.
Spanish spoken here....since four of the cousins were bilingual. George, Daniel, and Raymundo hold forth at the Sunday breakfast.
From the foreground: Daniel, Gilberto, Raymundo, John, Lois, Bill, Dolores, and George on Sunday morning.
Here's Haley and Ashley.
Barbara and Elmer. Elmer was the eldest cousin present.
Sandra and Ashlyn check out the vittles.
Teresa, Pamela, and Melody.
Here's Shirley and Barbara taking in the scenes.
Gilberto and Raymundo listen to Daniel's music performance.
God bless Jon. In demand all day long for conversations about genealogy and the family tree.
The big event of the reunion was the field trip to Mount Hood and the taking of the annual reunion picture. Here's bus one getting psyched up.
Bus two had one-third more fun because one of the busses broke down atop the mountain. We traded seats around so that the fishing trip could get underway relatively on schedule and those who needed to leave the high altitude area could do so. A new machine drove to the Timberline Lodge and brought all home.
The tour consisted of a stop at Multnomah Falls, Grand Coulee Dam, and Mount Hood. Here cousins get information about how the Columbia River dam system works and in particular the Grand Coulee.
A tour guide explains the the power system at the dam and the enormous effort to assist salmon returning to the Columbia basin.
More instruction on the salmon runs and viewing windows underwater to watch the fish battle the currents.
Another information station on the Columbia River tour.
Those are cousins on the viewing bridge at Multnomah Falls.
Al Chenoweth's special project was to take male cousins on a salmon fishing trip to the Pacific Coast for an overnighter. Here is Al the following evening, enormously tired.
And while the boys went fishing, the ladies went shopping and sightseeing. Here's Elaine and Emily on the prowl.
Here's a view of Portland from the vicinity of one of Portland's oldest mansions.
Between trips and lectures people talked genealogy and other family matters. Here's Jon, Greg and Helen working from Jon's brain trust.
Here's Helen and Joyce.
Edith and Bill share a quiet moment.
Lois and Bill Akehurst, the well-prepared hosts for Baltimore in 2006, took an hour to present their reasons for all the cousins gathering next in Maryland. Great performance indicating great expectations. I believe that's Emily, Harold, Sandra and Teresa taking a test! Ack!!

Mary Chenoweth wrote a poem about Portland 2004:

From the shores of the Atlantic
Thru the Heartland, west to the sea
Clan of Chenoweth gathered
For a third time of revelry.

To the Rose City of Portland
And the majestic mountains green
The descendents of Grandpa John
Met to know others of their gene.

There was lively music of Mexico
Daniel played and sang;little Asylyn danced
Joined by tartan clad Grammy Edith
The day to Mount Hood further enhanced.

Looking forward now to 2006
When the host city is Baltimore
We know from past experience
A great time is undoubtedly in store.

So here's a heartfelt thank you
To all who this party planned
We are proud of our past and present...
Hoping for a future tightly "clanned".

- Mary Ann Plater Chenoweth

The weather couldn't have been much worse when it came time to take the reunion picture atop Mt. Hood. But a little creative magic from our photographer fixed the problem over night.

Portland, Oregon
August 4-8, 2004

  1. Ashlyn Duy (the youngest Chenoweth, age 3)
  2. Sandra Willis
  3. George Samuel Chenoweth
  4. Evelyn Price
  5. Elmer Haile (the elder statesman)
  6. Brown McDonald
  7. Anna Marie Broweleit
  8. Mary Ann Chenoweth
  9. Jean Terberg
  10. John Terberg
  11. Cindy Chenoweth
  12. Haley Hohmann
  13. John Chinworth
  14. Randy Chenoweth
  15. Edith Chenoweth
  16. Rosemary Hundal
  17. Teresa Sieg
  18. Helen Bollen
  19. Deborah R. Chilcoat
  20. Barbara Chilcoat
  21. Nancy Moore
  22. Sandra Webb
  1. Mary Lou Wheatley
  2. Burch Wheatley
  3. Jerry Fike
  4. Tim Fike
  5. Elaine Fike
  6. Darla Evans
  7. Melody Laughland
  8. Karla Dykes
  9. Linda Kidd
  10. Clara Chinowth
  11. Richard Wiegand
  12. Joyce Wiegand
  13. Marie Hohmann
  14. Ford Chinworth
  15. Mary L. Chenoweth
  16. Lawra Duy
  17. Megan Fike
  18. Pamela Chandler
  19. Emily Fike
  20. Connie Chandler
  21. Teresa Chenoweth
  22. Robert Kidd
  1. Pauline Maben
  2. Carolyn Newby
  3. Ashley Hohmann
  4. Vicki Thorp
  5. Harold Newby
  6. Daniel Fred Chenoweth-Vidal
  7. Gilberto Chenoweth-Vidal
  8. Raymundo Chenoweth-Vidal
  9. Barbara Page
  10. Nancy Chenoweth
  11. Shirley Oliver
  12. Wynne Henderson
  13. Catherin Colaw
  14. Tracy Chenoweth
  15. Susan B. Chenoweth
  16. George Robert Chenoweth
  17. Laura Bartlett
  18. Jen Garber
  19. Bev Buchanan
  20. Greg Wulker
  21. Pamela Chenoweth
  22. Edmund Willis
  1. Albert Jennings Chenoweth
  2. Johnny Earl Chenoweth
  3. Layne Sanders
  4. Barbara Cameron
  5. Albert Heller Chenoweth
  6. Bill Akehurst
  7. Lois Akehurst
  8. Jo Yeager
  9. Sharon Garber
  10. Deanna Egge
  11. Michael Frederic Chenoweth
  12. Dolores Chenoweth
  13. Denise Chenoweth
  14. Steve Thorp
  15. Maxine Henderson
  16. Bill Chinworth
  17. Ryan Chenoweth
  18. Jay Dee Chenoweth
  19. Rawlyn Chenoweth
  20. Dick Buchanan
  21. Casey John Chenoweth
  22. Bob Chinowth
  23. Bill Garber
  24. Jon Egge
  25. Alice Sanders

Edith sent a note to us with her feelings about Portland 2004:

Portland Remembered!
No strangers here! Rapport flowed like Multnomah Falls,
Smiles from all on greeting,
A quiet setting of friendship,
Respectful search to identify,
Acceptance of each other,
No Strangers there.

The closing picture by Megan says it all. Taken from the airplane on the way back home to Deleware. Bye, Portland. Thanks for a great reunion.