Reunion: 2006

Place: Baltimore, Maryland
Dates: Wednesday, 2 August to Sunday, 6 August
Host/Hostess: Lois Akehurst & children

2006 Family Portrait
Our hostess, Lois Akehurst.

Lois and her children welcomed the cousins back home to Maryland. The Akehursts have been planning this Arthur and Richard homecoming celebration since the 2002 reunion in Elkins, West Virginia.

The Holiday Inn in Timonium, Maryland was our fouth reunion site.

The Holiday Inn Select Baltimore-North
George and Mary Ann pose at the Chenoweth welcome sign.
Family patriarch, Elmer, was able to participate.
Joyce and Richard served as registrars for the reunion throughout the whole preparation and execution time. Many thanks due there.
We celebrated eating and partying in our usual fine style. We also had a wedding anniversary party in honor of Mary and John. About the two-hundred-fifth.
The youngest Chenoweth cousins presented a flag ceremony at the outset of the family gathering.
Bill, Ed and Peggy play French salon music from the nineteenth century.
There was fine folk music from the Baltimore scene.
Maricela and Daniel sang songs from Mexico again for us.
At all the odd times and especially in the afternoons, there were the lounge chat sessions.
....the animated digestive track....
Various family groups took time to visit interesting Maryland sites. Here, a gang of Arthurs crash the aquarium and art museum.
One of the tourist destinations was the fine Baltimore Aquarium. Here the dolphins perform....
The main family outing was to Fort McHenry, Inner Harbor and Flag House. Here's the fort's Sally Port which was still secure on the morning of 14 September 1814. This was the site of this reunion's family portrait.
McHenry's barracks as seen from a point of a rampart.
The cousins get instruction on life at a fort in the 1800s.
Under cover of darkness, Royal Marines tried to row past the fort using this water route. They never made it ashore. The British admiral said, "To hell with it", the next morning.
Great picture of Greg and Jon. Directly behind them set the British ships of the line. Mr. Francis Scott Key posted himself on the deck of a POW boat to the right and about halfway between dead ahead in this photo and dead ahead in the one above. Literally, "O'er theramparts we watched...."
A "star spangled banner" will always fly over Fort McHenry. Law of the land! It is changed often and awarded to those on a special occasion.
Here the cousins step up and perform the flag change protocal.
Baltimore's Flag House where the Star Spangled Banner was fabricated. The flag is/was larger than the floor plan of the house by several feet. No small task.
Mary Pickersgill owned the house. She contracted to make the flag. She had several assistants. Her picture hangs in the dining room.
The sewing took place on the second floor of the home as there was a breezeway between the two bedrooms.
About half of the cousins visited The Flag House while the rest visited the Inner Harbor and made the best of a large selection of eateries and shopping opportunities.
At the left, Diahan Southard, of Relative Genetics, came to the Chenoweth reunion one more time to present the use of DNA as a tool for creation of genealogical data bases for familes. The response was very positive at this reunion.
No small part of the DNA positive response was due to the fact that Pete was finally able to attend a reunion. He presented his being the liaison officer for the family to Relative Genetics. He has worked in this position for ten years.
Jon, the family historian, presented two lectures. The first covered the Richard and Arthur lines who initially resided in the Baltimore area. On Saturday evening, he led the anniversary party with historic details on our first family, Mary Calvert and John Chenoweth.
2006 Family Portrait
Fort McHenry

Baltimore, Maryland
August 2-6, 2006

  1. Lee Evans
  2. Darla Evans
  3. Zhenya Bolotnik
  4. Lawra Duy
  5. Daniel F. Chenoweth
  6. Gilberto Chenoweth
  7. Rogelio Chenoweth
  8. Maricela Chenoweth
  9. Edith Chenoweth
  10. Joyce Wiegand
  11. Dale L. Fulton
  12. Pauline Reyman
  13. Theresa Chenoweth
  14. Lois Akehurst
  15. Mike Chenoweth
  16. Darlene Dolbey
  17. Peg Fulton
  18. Jon Egge
  19. Kaye Chenoweth
  20. Deanna Egge
  1. Greg Wulker
  2. Darrel Chenoweth
  3. Ruslan Bolotnik
  4. Susan Chenoweth
  5. Beverly Buchanan
  6. Denise Chenoweth
  7. Doug Chenoweth
  8. Mary Ann Chenoweth
  9. Jan Chenoweth
  10. Matthew Grimsley
  11. Pete Chenoweth
  12. Richard Wiegand
  13. Elaine Fike
  14. Emily Fike
  15. Jerry Fike
  16. Evelyn Watkins
  17. Megan Fike
  18. Barry Bogart
  19. Margaret Garman
  20. Cynthia Foster
  1. Ellis Foster
  2. Brett Chenoweth
  3. Heather Chenoweth
  4. Ashlyn Duy
  5. Emma Dare Foster
  6. William Josiah Akehurst
  7. Ian Chinworth
  8. Charlene Chinworth
  9. Jennifer Chinworth
  10. Barbara Chinworth
  11. William Charles Chinworth
  12. Ford Chinworth
  13. Kay Bogart
  14. Bob Chinowth
  15. Robert Kidd
  16. Clara Chinowth
  17. Mike Chenoweth
  18. Linda Kidd
  19. Rick Pritchard
  20. Dolores Chenoweth
  1. Al Chenoweth
  2. John Brown
  3. Alison Chenoweth
  4. Julia Winter Akehurst
  5. Jared Benjamin Akehurst
  6. Diahan Southard
  7. Bill Chinworth
  8. Laura L. Bartlett
  9. Pamela Chenoweth
  10. Margaret Meyett
  11. Keats Hunt
  12. Loretta Coontz
  13. Myra Davis Cursie
  14. Terri J. Akehurst
  15. William K. Akehurst
  16. Jillian Akehurst
  17. Carolyn Newby
  18. Jean Terberg
  19. Harold Newby
  20. John Terberg