Reunion: 2008

Place: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Dates: Wednesday, 23 July to Sunday, 27 July
Host/Hostess: Mike A. Chenoweth & Joyce Wiegand
Purpose: The principal program featured genealogy research at the Allen County Public Library.
Headquarters: The Don Hall Guest House
Theme: "Back Home Again in Indiana...."

2008 Family Portrait

Allen County Library at Fort Wayne

Allen County Library new interior...

Don Hall's Guesthouse

The venerable Chenoweth welcome sign made its biennial appearance.

Here is Pete Chenoweth's photo record of the 2008 convention. It provides an up-to-date record of the cousins who've attended in the past and a glimpse of new faces.

Highlights of the reunion were lots of visiting, lots of food, a bus trip to the Amish country scene, a presentation of the Allen County Library genealogy department, music and historical performances, and we took another fine family group photograph.

Setting out chairs for the reunion photograph! Those blue shirts are at it again!

Here's Joyce and Dick Wiegand and Pete Chenwoeth in a strategy session. Kaye and Mike Chenoweth did yeoman leg work to bring off 2008...

"Indiana Mike" Chenoweth with Chris and Linda Reese. Notice the wall hamgings about the DNA project. More on this in a minute.

Numerous display items from family groups.

Note the painted picture of the Philippi Bridge (Elkins Reunion) shown by artist, Nancy Chenoweth Bain.

As always, John Egge upgrades and helps others through his genealogy notes. Here's Sharon Chenoweth McKay with John.

Kaye Chenoweth is ever the hostess behind the scenes.

Carla Marks takes in the situation on Wednesday evening.

Cindy Justice reviews the DNA charts.

Diahan Southard, our honorary Chenoweth "cousin" did not attend at Fort Wayne but her massive knowledge and DNA research ability has produced a huge asset for future generations of Chenoweths.
Dick Buchanan and Richard Babcock adjusting pacemakers...?
Teresa Chenoweth with Darlene Downs.
Mary Ann Chenoweth with Keith Hunt and Loretta Coontz.
Carla Marks appreciates time with Hellen Bollen.
Suzanne and Paul Lee.
Mary Chenoweth is in front with camera at the ready. Across the back are McKenna and Greg Wulker, Nancy Bain and George Chenoweth.
What are these constant interruptions? Joyce, Harold Newby and Deanna Egge.
Kaye had help from fellow Hoosiers with regard to serving details on Wednesday evening.
John Wilson Chenoweth and sister, Carol Voris.
This could be a scene from any of the reunions. Breakfasts and chatting... Bev and Dick Buchanan at one table with Carolyn and Harold Newby seated at an adjacent table.
Chris and Lynda Reese. Carolyn Newby and Hellen Bollen.
Lawra and Ashlyn Duy seated with Justin Chenoweth. Janet Chenoweth is standing. Lawra will hostess the reunion in Texas in 2010.
A Chenoweth cousin bus trip proved to be an excellent activity during the Portland reunion. A trip to Amish country at Shipshewana, Indiana, complete with Amish home cooking was the order of the day on Friday. Not to mention displays and hands on demonstrations of Amish living.
An old Amish buggy juxtaposed with the modern version of the school hack.
...before parking meters...
A family style Amish reciped dinner.
A serious work area.
"We are Ta-ble Num-ber Three...!"
We're in couth control...
The scene of the crime.

It's Saturday, time to do serious things. The reunion photograph, the last formal supper with entertainment, and John Egge's history lesson!

Here are the Moosman Strings entertaining the cousins.
John Egge brought a history and stories of the Indiana Chenoweths. And a right cantankerous lot we are!

In 2006, we were going to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the marriage of John Chenoweth and Mary Calvert. But we found out that this marriage actually happened earlier and in Philidelphia area instead of Baltimore. Not to be undone, we made it a celebration of the Cora Hiatt traditional story line from the 1925 history book she authored. Besides, we all came to eat a piece of cake or two.

The Chenoweth reunion, anniversary, wedding cake which is another growing family tradition.
John Chapman (Johnny Appleseed) is buried at Fort Wayne within two miles of the reuion hotel. A more fitting historical entertainment could not be more appropriate to the end of the fifth reunion.
2008 Family Portrait

Fort Wayne, Indiana
July 23-27, 2008

  1. Peter Chenoweth
  2. Justin Alex Chenoweth
  3. Lawra Duy
  4. Ashlyn Duy
  5. Janet Chenoweth
  6. Sherry Adams
  7. Shirley O'Neill
  8. Helen F. Bollen
  9. Deanna Egge
  10. Jon Egge
  11. Darlene Dolbey
  12. Carol Chenoweth Voris
  13. Janet Anne Chenoweth
  14. Loretta B. Koontz
  15. Rodney Bouse
  1. Margaret E. Garman
  2. Dora Jane Engle
  3. Joseph J. Hermiller
  4. Theresa E. Chenoweth
  5. Carolyn Chenoweth Newby
  6. Harold Newby
  7. Greg Wulker
  8. Kay L. Chenoweth
  9. Michael Chenoweth
  10. Myra Davis Crusie
  11. Bent Olesen
  12. Susan Chenoweth Olesen
  13. John W. Chenoweth
  14. McKenna Waukey
  15. Keats E. Hunt
  1. Elaine Garman Fike
  2. Nancy Chenoweth Bain
  3. George Chenoweth
  4. Mary Ann Chenoweth
  5. Jay Engle
  6. Amy Catherine Russo
  7. Jo Yeager
  8. Carla Marks
  9. Sue Ellen Blessing Peglow
  10. Joyce Aileen Wiegand
  11. Beverly Buchanan
  12. Dick Wiegand
  13. Ed Downs
  14. Butch Crusie
  1. M. Darlene Downs
  2. Laura Bartlett
  3. Michael Frederic Chenoweth
  4. Pamela Pierce Chenoweth
  5. Mary Louise Wheatley
  6. Burch Wheatley
  7. Richard Buchanan
  8. Richard Nuell Babcock
  9. Robert James Chenowth
  10. Jerry L. Fike
  11. Chris Reese
  12. Kathryn Chinworth Bouse
  13. Lynda Reese
  14. Joy Lucht Engle