Reunion: 2012

Place: Winchester, Virginia
Dates: Thursday, 26 July to Sunday, 29 July
Host/Hostess: Greg & McKenna Wulker
Headquarters: The George Washington

2012 Family Portrait

Reunion photos courtesy of Dick Buchanan, Mike Ryan, Karen Rowe, Jan and Pete Chenoweth

Hospitality setup (Lawra Duy)
Joyce Wiegand's 2nd generation dolls
Dick Buchanan and Abigael Duy
One of many socializing sessions in the hotel lounge
Chairman Pete Chenoweth welcomes attendees
Host Greg Wulker welcomes attendees
Bev Buchanan giving a genealogy class
Attendees to Bev's class taking notes
one of many icebreakers created by Lawra Duy
Jon Egge's discussion of Chenoweth migration
Pete Chenoweth taking notes at Jon's discussion

Bus tour of the Winchester area

Abraham's Delight sign
Abraham's Delight
Ivy Hill home
Ivy Hill clock circa early 1700s
fireplace in Ivy Hill house
getting off bus at Ivy Hill House
inside Ivy Hill House
what more can be said
Ivy Hill House countryside
Hopewell Quaker Meeting House
quilt of Hopewell property
inside Hopewell Quaker Meeting House
Hays-Gerrard house built 1743


preparing for the family photo
cooking crew: Mike Ryan, Greg Wulker, Dick Buchanan and Shawn Chenoweth (supervising)
serving line setup: Laura Bartlett, Jan and McKenna Wulker
Thomas2 descendants socializing
passing time: Margaret Wulker, Ashlyn Duy and Jan Wulker
Dick and Bev Buchanan
Bill and Anita Bird
Carl and Arlene Chenoweth
Karen Rowe, Elizabeth and Jackie Johnson and Pat Crume
Leon and Peggy Hays celebrating 64 years of marriage
One of the other lines, Lori, Edward and Justin Chenoweth with Abigael Duy
Arthur2 descendants, (sisters) Marilyn Lane and Carolyn Satrum
John2 descendants, Mary Lou and Burch Wheatley
Harold and Carolyn Newby
Winchester resident Mary Lou Mulvey
Sue Ellen Peglow with children Phillip and Patti
Pat Crume celebrates her birthday
General membership listens to Laura Bartlett presenting the minutes from previous meeting
Lawra Duy presents her mother Edith's Chenoweth Toe theory
Oklahoma clan makes 2014 reunion presentation
Sharon Matthew's makes pitch for 2016 reunion in Elkins, WV


Seven individuals presented with perfect attendance at all seven reunions
Carol and Jim Tharpe
Denise Chenoweth
Pete with his Chenoweth crossword puzzle
Edmund Willis
Evelyn Felix and Evelyn Chenoweth
Greg Mason
Helen Bollen with daughter Marilyn Kalamir
Paula Resch with guest
Jane and Mike Ryan
Jan and Pete Chenoweth
Jo Dee Kimble Garcia
John and Deanna Egge
Joyce and Dick Wiegand
Katherine Weber-Wolfe
The Wulkers, McKenna, Greg and Jan
FL Mike Chenoweth with Laura Bartlett
Myra Crusie
Patti and Robert Airoldi
Terry Chenoweth (center) with nieces Rebecca Willett and Patty Gutknecht
Elkins representatives: Sheila Mashburn and Sharon Matthew
Zoe and Charles Daniell
Greg Wulker with his mother Margaret
Virginia and Gene Partch
a new tradition: passing a Winchester cookbook to OK Hostess Evelyn Felix
FL Mike Chenoweth explains the Eugene Victor Chenoweth Award
previous recipient Jon Egge presents Eugene Victor Chenoweth Award to this reunions recipient Joyce Wiegand

Sunday Brunch

getting a full stomach before departing for home
a final sampling of the excellent food available
2012 Family Portrait

Winchester, Virginia
July 26-29, 2012

TOP ROW, L-R: Charles Daniell, Zoe Daniell, Michael F. Chenoweth, Robert J. Chenoweth, McKenna Wulker, Beverly Buchanan, Dick Buchanan, Edmund Willis, Carl Chenoweth, Shawn Ray Chenoweth, Jackie Johnson (holding) Elizabeth Johnson, Terry Chenoweth, JoDee Kimball, Ashlyn Duy, Lori S. Chenoweth, Edward F. Chenoweth, Justin Chenoweth, Abigael Duy

ROW 2: Jim Tharpe, Burch Wheatley, Helen Bollen, Mary Lou Wheatley, Laura Bartlett, Sharon Matthew, Sheila Mashburn, Richard Wiegand, Evelyn Felix, Greg Mason, Arlene Chenoweth, J. Leon Hays, Karen Rowe, Jane Ryan, Carolyn Satrum, Marilyn Lane, Lawra Duy, Peter Chenoweth, Janet H. Chenoweth

ROW 3: Carol Tharpe, Janet A. Chenoweth, Katherine Weber-Wolfe, Marilyn Kalamir, Margaret Wulker, Harold Newby, Carolyn Newby, Jan Wulker, Joyce Wiegand, Pat Crume, Evelyn Chenoweth, Sue Ellen Peglow, Peggy Hays, Denise Chenoweth, Michael Ryan, Paula Resch, Mary Lou Mulvey, Ann Lieberson

ROW 4: Jon Egge, Myra Crusie, Greg Wulker, Patti Airoldi, Torrance McFarlin, Lillian Green, Nicholas Peglow, Phillip Peglow, Dorota Peglow holding Sebastian Peglow