Reunion: 2016

Place: Indianapolis, Indiana
Dates: Wednesday, 13 July to Sunday, 17 July
Headquarters: Hilton Garden Inn

2016 Family Portrait
Jane McInturf, Michael (IN Mike) Chenoweth and Al McInturf
Lawra Duy
Jon Egge, Carolyn Newby, and Steven McCoy
Evelyn (Chenoweth) Felix and Theresa Chenoweth
Ashlyn Duy
Tori McFarlin and River Green
Roy William Chenoweth
Freida Jones
Patti Airoldi
Phillip, Nicholas, Dorata and Sebastian Peglow
Joshua Lowell and Rebeckah Chenoweth
John Henry Chenoweth, Joyce Wiegand and Myra Crusie
preparation for bus tour of Indianapolis
“Go, Granny, Go” – Evelyn Felix, the oldest female to ride the Indianapolis Speedway
Three generations of daredevils (not the same lineage) – Patti Airoldie, Ashlyn Duy and Evelyn Felix.
War Memorial, downtown Indianapolis
Burch and Mary Lou Wheatley
A rest during the bus trip, Jon Egge, Myra Crusie, Ashlyn Duy, Carolyn Newby and Theresa Chenoweth
Robert Espy and Kathaleen Chenoweth
Pete Chenoweth in front of War Memorial
Joyce (Chenoweth) Lewis
Doing what everyone wanted to do – River Green
time for a packed lunch at the commons in downtown Indianapolis
self explanatory ( a historical tour)
a cookie, compliments of the local hosts and hostess
This year's cake
Jon Egge and Joyce Wiegand helping present Michael Chenoweth, with this years Eugene Victor Chenoweth Award.
This years Hosts and hostess, John H.(IN John) Chenoweth, Michael F. (FL Mike) Chenoweth, Michael A. (IN Mike) Chenoweth and Joyce Wiegand
and then there were awards for the children, with Awards Chairman Myra Crusie and Board Chairman Pete Chenoweth in the background.
A little evening relation on the patio after the evening banquet.
2016 Family Portrait

Indianapolis, Indiana
July 13-17, 2016

ROW A: Nicholas Charles Peglow, River Ellen Green, Sebastian Patrick Peglow, Lillian Faith Green, Abigael E.R. Duy, Brigette Chenoweth, Jillian Grace Stainbrook

ROW B: Evelyn (Chenoweth)Felix, Theresa Chenoweth, Carolyn (Chenoweth) Newby, Diahan Southard, Thomas A. Heckel, Freida L. Jones, Roy Chenoweth, Mary Lou Wheatley, Myra Lou (Davis) Crusie, John H. Chenoweth

ROW C: Joyce (Corns) Wiegand, Alfred McInturf, Jane E. (Hibbs) (Chenoweth) McInturf, Lawra Rose Duy, Ronda S. Heckel, Sharon (McGee) Matthew, Debby Pape, Joyce (Chenoweth) Lewis, Laura Bartlett, Joni Lee Chenoweth, June Chenoweth

ROW D: Pat (Chenoweth) Crume, Cheryl (Chenoweth) Wilkins, Torrance Kathleen McFarlin, Patricia Kathleen (Peglow) Airoldi, Ashlyn F.C. Duy, Brenda L. Waltman, Nancy Lyn Choina, Patsy Sue (Rennis) Choina, Tamara K. (Owens) Walma, Priscilla Ruth Smith, Lorraine Willis, Pamela (Pierce) Chenoweth

ROW E: J. Leon Hays, John Antoine Wilkins, Tatyana McCoy, Dorota Monika Peglow, Lance Erlick, Susan (Chenoweth) Erlick, Rebeckah Marie (Reader) Chenoweth, Kathaleen (Bynum) Chenoweth, Phyllis (Chenoweth) Dutton, Burchard Earl "Butch" Wheatley, Barbara Ann Blake, Lola Patricia (Meadors) Stainbrook

ROW F: Mark W. Sigler, Steven McCoy, Sue Ellen (Blessing) Peglow, Carolyn (Alexander) Buschbacher, Carolyn Satrum, Edmund Philip Willis

ROW G: Peter Clinton Chenoweth, Michael Buschbacher, Joshua Lowell Chenoweth, Jon Satrum, Robert Espy Chenoweth, Michael Frederic Chenoweth, David Matthew, Keats Hunt