The purpose of the Chenoweth Family Association is to increase knowledge and disseminate information about the history and genealogy of the Chenoweth Family.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Chenoweth Family Association is scientific and educational, to research, publish and inform members of the Chenoweth Family and the general public about the history and genealogy of the Chenoweth Family.


  1. Identify every Chenoweth descendant in the United States and determine where he or she fits in the family’s genealogical chart.
  2. Learn as much as possible about significant historic contributions of Chenoweth family members.
  3. Publish a Chenoweth Family Association web site containing all of the known information regarding the genealogy and history of the Chenoweth Family in America and maintain the website with information that is as current as possible.
  4. Conduct periodic conferences to disseminate information through face-to-face meetings and to improve networking among family members.
  5. Communicate developments or new findings regarding the Chenoweth family to members and other interested persons using print or electronic media.


The Chenoweth Family Association was first incorporated in 2003 within the state of Kentucky as “The Chenoweth Family Reunion Company”. As of Spring 2012 the Association was incorporated within the state of Florida. A PDF copy of the Articles of Incorporation is available here, and a copy of the letter regarding the Association’s EIN is available here.