Both books are available from the Chenoweth Family Association.

Cora Hiatt invited all family members that she knew to send information about the family tree. She was not able to physically verify all the details and sources however, and inevitable errors were made. Richard Harris' book picks up with Hiatt's book, correcting errors and uniting all branches of the family tree.

The Chenoweth Store received permission from the author, Richard Harris, to reprint Chenoweth Family In America. We are happy to announce that the second printing edition is now available. Address orders for this book to:

Chenoweth Family Association
c/o P. Chenoweth
1045 Hancock Mill Lane
Hephzibah, GA 30815

Cora Hiatt's book costs $35 and Richard Harris's book costs $45, plus $5 for shipping and handling. Please make checks payable to Chenoweth Family Association. At this time we are only able to ship the book within the United States.

In addition, Amazon has a listing for a paperback book entitled History of the Chenoweth family: beginning 449 A.D. and attributed to Cora Chenoweth Hiatt. While this site is not affiliated with this book's publisher, we list the information here as another alternative. Click here to be redirected to the book on

At the 2004 Portland reunion, Edith Chenoweth introduced the official tartan plaid of the Cornwall shire of Great Britain. Here are the details on this wool fabric as worn by Ms. Chenoweth above. There are outlets for the fabric in USA as well.

In Great Britain:
Cornovi Creations
41 Lemon Hill
Mylor Bridge
Falamouth, Cornwall TR11 5ND

In the USA:
The Scotland Yard
Shelbyville, Kentucky

There are two versions of this tartan: Cornish National and Modern Cornish Hunting. Samples are below:

The hat sells for $20, plus $5 for shipping and handling.

The 2012 Virginia reunion saw the creation of a ballcap and polo shirt, bearing the Chenoweth Family crest. Both items are available in 2d generation decendancy colors:

John2 - blue
Hannah2 - turquoise
Richard2 - red
Thomas2 - kelly green
Arthur2 - orange
William2 - gold
Mary2 - white
Ruth2 - mauve
other - khaki